2M 20% Solar Reflective Window Film Paper One Way Mirror Silver Stickers

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Length: 2m
Width: 50cm
Thickness: 0.05mm
Color: Silver
Type: One Way Mirror
- 92% UV Rejection                          
- 55% Visible Light Transmittance
- 85% Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER)
- Reduce glare, sun block effect.
- Help save energy costs and keep your rooms or offices cooler.
- Creative a complete daytime private space.
How to use:
● Tear protective film
● Prepare a spray bottle filled with water, add a little detergent entered, Sprayed on the surface of the glass and film.
● The membrane attached to the glass, and then peel off that layer of transparent protective film attached to the mask on top of window film. (to prevent mirror film being scratched)
● Use a scraper shoot except air and excess water.
● The film Collage with a spatula repair neat.
Installation Instruction:
1. Before paste,must clean the window,don't residue any oil and impurities.
2. Using gummed paper to install,then cut the film to a suitable size.
3. After paste,the film should be standing about 7 hours under the condition of without external force to ensure the gummed paper can completely stick to window.
- This is a one-way mirror film. Itself is transparent, privacy effect is by the strength of contrast of light to decide. 
- After posted daytime indoor look outside very clear, Outdoor basically can not see the room.
- The evening can be seen inside and outside, remember to hang curtains.
Package Included:
1 x Window film

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